Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Welcome To My Health Diary

Welcome... if there's anyone out there reading. (Why hello there crickets)  This is a blog dedicated to another thing that dominates my mind, other than organizing of course... my health and my husband's health, for that matter. You may be wondering why this subject is often on my mind, let me give you the inside scoop...

Here's the lowdown on the hubster... he has high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol. He is currently taking medication for the blood pressure, but the doctor wants to see if he can lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol with diet and exercise. He is tall and slim build, looking at him, he does not fit the image of someone with high blood pressure nor high cholesterol.

Now here's the lowdown on me... I have asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and joint disease in my knees. And according to the Rheumatologist I will need to have total knee replacement on both knees in the next few years. Oh I forgot to mention my allergies. I'm allergic to a ton of things, really they need a post of their own to list them. I take three medications to manage my asthma, one to manage my seasonal allergies, and one to manage joint inflammation plus use topical ointment. For a grand total of six medications, before supplements. I measure in at average height for a woman (5' 7") and am what is known as "thick" with "junk in the trunk" in the African-American community. However in the medical community I am overweight for my height. Booooo!

Now, after reading the list of illnesses each paragraph, you might think that you were dealing with a couple in their 50's or 60's, right? Uhhhh... no. I'm 35 and the hubby is 40. Terrible right! Well not for long, because I plan on reclaiming our health the natural way! With a lot less processed foods and a plethora of wholesome foods.

I'm going to share the journey right here with you via posts and videos. You'll get to see us, up close and personal. This blog will have a much different feel than The Uncluttered Lifestyle, much more raw. I will not sugar coat the trials of becoming a healthier person. There will be plenty of before and after shots. I will show you the behind the scenes shots of all that we/I do along this journey, pretty or not. Scary! You'll also get to see me work my magic in the kitchen. (Got make it taste good, if I want him to eat it.) I'm hoping this all access blog will serve as a reminder of the progress made and inspire more change.

It is my hope that you will follow along as I traverse this very unfamiliar territory with my hubby kicking and screaming the entire way. (What can I say the man loves his potato chips, eggs, and bacon.)


  1. *waving at you from the sunny isle*

    I'm on my own journey to better health as well, so I'll be popping over from time to time. :)

    Be ever so abundantly blessed.

  2. You go my thick little uncluttered friend! I'm right there behind 'ya with the junk in the trunk, and now I know what people in the African-American community say as I walk by. The white community just says hey fat azz to me! Take heart, there are more of us who need to loose a little thick junk in our trunks than there are models and the handsome hunk of the house can serve as an example to men and women both that what you look like on the outside isn't always telling the story about what's going on inside. And of course I'm looking forward to things being much more raw. (I know- I'm hopeless!)


  3. Great that you (& your hubby!) are discovering & changing at this point in your lives!!
    My daughter's family 'led the way' with going off Gluten in 2009, & my former hubby had 2 sisters Dx with Celiac Disease that same year.
    So in 2011, my girl & I 'played the gene card' (X is a biologist!!) & told him about the likelihood of his sharing that genetic predisposition to gluten 'issues!' ... he was 61, already dairy free, & had both high BP & was prediabetic. His mom was 95, & he (her main care-giver) decided to take her off gluten at the same time - within 6 months, his PB & sugars were normal, & her insulin needs were reduce from FOUR shots daily to ONE most days! Plus her night time sugars stayed level!
    Your sense that 'whole foods' is the way to go is RIGHT on! This spring, my daughter's family & I spent ~ 45 days Paleo, & since that time, I'm eating fewer grains & legumes, more local meat, lots of fresh OG veggies from my CSA share, farmers markets & garden.
    Practical Paleo Cookbook was a great (Library) find when I was researching the latest 'tweek' to my meal plan!!
    My CSA farmers went Paleo last Nov, (about your age) & have already noticed many improvements, inc the wife lost her post pregnancy weight muy pronto!